2º Meeting on admirable practices 2019 (information in english)

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Lectura fácil

Lectura fácil

For Plena inclusión, getting to know new practices
and sharing them is very important.
For that, Plena inclusión organises a national meeting
every three years.

This meeting is called Meeting on admirable practices.
The organisations that support persons with intellectual disabilities
present their good practices.
In other words, their experiences that work well.

Experts from Plena inclusion analyse those practices.
The best practices are presented at this meeting.
On 26 and 27 September of 2019,

Plena inclusión Spain and Plena inclusión Aragón
will hold the 2º Meeting on admirable practices 2019.

On 26 and 27 September, under the banner “Going against the current: we build inclusive communities”, Plena inclusión Spain and Plena inclusión Aragón organise in Zaragoza the 2º Meeting on admirable practices 2019 (at the Auditorio del World Trade Center, WTC, Avda. María Zambrano 31, 50018 ZARAGOZA. ESPAÑA).

In recent years, Plena inclusión Spain has been investing in innovation, knowledge and transformation of its model of support for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities, its centres and services. Such innovation is reflected in the search for experiences that help us make further progress on the effective inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families.

The members of Plena inclusión share those practices during a national meeting every three years, which is also open to experiences developed by other organizations.

The meeting is going to indicate the best practices aligned with our mission and strategy throughout the years. Those practices will be considered “Admirable” or “Excellent”.

For this reason, we created a system to present good practices through the Garden of Ideas of Plena inclusión. All of them are going to be analysed by a team of specialists of our organization and may be accessed through the web of the Garden of Ideas.

On our website you may find information about the meeting and how to present your idea, attend the event or check the practices presented.